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Do you need help with a project? Let Troll House Games be your solution for programming, 3D art, audio, animation, VR demos and more.

3D Art

Our artists have years of experience creating 3D assets for games. We offer prop, environment, and character art. Want to design your own model and have us do the dirty work? We can deal with UV unwrapping, retopologizing, and texture mapping the model for you.  


Our programmers use Unity as their primary game engine and script in Java or C sharp. We can help with making a small script to setting up a complete character controller.



We offer professional audio services that include but are not limited to music composition, audio recording, mixing and mastering, sound effects and foley, and session recordings on guitar, electric bass, violin, piano, ukulele, synthesizers, and voice.


We offer rigging and animating in Maya and Maya LT. We can create bipeds and quadrepedal creatures, facial rigs, flying creatures, you name it. 

Game Help?

Do you have a vision that you would like brought to life? Give us your idea and budget so we can make it for you. We also offer VR development.




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